The acidity of the lambic is balanced by the sweetness of raspberries. A lambic framboise is normally served in glass similar to a champagne flute, but slightly shorter. A lambic framboise is predominantly sweet, though Cantillon makes a dry version. Some lambic breweries utilise fruit syrups in their framboise; Cantillon, however, uses fresh fruit. About 200 g raspberries are added to each litre of beer, and the average beer age is normally 20 months old. It takes two to three months for the lambic to take on the raspberry colour and aroma. Afterwards the framboise is blended with one-year-old lambic for a secondary fermentation in the bottle. Only fresh fruit is used, which of course has a different flavour profile from one harvest to the other, and therefore there are vintage variations with regard to the fruit lambics of Cantillon.