Festival philosophy

Festival philosophy

The Berliner Weisse Summit is a festival in which brewers participate by invitation only. The breweries are invited to the festival in accordance with the criteria set out by the Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V. association.


1. Only craft beer breweries are invited to the festival. What we understand by “craft” is discussed in the Article “Craft” on this website.

2. Only those breweries will be invited which brew Berliner Weisse and other sour beers. The definition of a proper Berliner Weisse is to be found in the article “Berliner Weisse”. Furthermore, only beers whose flavour profile is achieved by means of fermentation using Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus or other souring bacteria will be admitted. Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces used together are not a binding criterion, but one of the two cultures must be contained in the beer.

Requirements to be met by the beers:

3. Beer is a beverage in which mainly crop containing starch (grain or fuit) is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide during the brewing process (in particular mashing and fermentation). The enzymatic processes are affected exclusively by enzymes contained in the materials used (malt).

4. All beers are free from chemical additives. Chemical additives are defined as all materials with an E code per the Additive Ordinance dated 29 January 1998 (Federal Law Gazette I pp. 230, 231), last modified by Section 23 of the Ordinance dated 5 July 2017 (Federal Law Gazette I p. 2272).

5. Beers containing aromas may be accepted if the aromas were obtained by means of water or alcohol, through distillation, maceration or pressing. Any other aromas or extracts obtained by other physical and/or enzymatic or microbiological methods will result in a refusal or retraction of invitation.

6. With regard to the use of unnecessary technical additives, we advise caution. The proven use of polyvinylpolypyrrolidone (PVPP) or similar substances will result in the refusal or revocation of the brewery in question’s invitation.

7. No genetically modified products are permissible; in the case of doubt, please reference such databases as http://www.infoxgen.com/lebensmittel-ogt.html. Explanation is available in the infoXgen format.

Additional requirements:

8. Participation in the market/festival requires that at least one brewery representative be present and able to explain the beer presented in a meaningful and informative manner.

9. The Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V. does not tolerate discrimination against foreigners, non-natives and persons having another religion, colour of skin or similar criteria. Our association and the events organised by it do not welcome Nazis, racists, anti-Europeans and anti-Americans, etc. The strength of our association is based on cultural diversity and internationality.

Breweries sympathising with the above spectrum or who offer their guest rooms to organisations or persons of the above-referenced spectrum will not be invited or allowed to participate in the festival. The same applies to the visitors of any events or festivals put on by the Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

We seek to not only interpret the world of beers, but also to improve it even in the area of the craft production of beer.