Berliner Weisse Summit

Great festival
for Berliner Weisses
other wild beers



Festival highlights
31.05.2019 - 01.02.06

June 2019

The breweries

Here you will find a list of participating craft breweries and a short description of the beers they will present. We will regularly update the list as new breweries are added.

June 2019

Tastings and workshops

During the festival there will be tastings and discussions on the subject of Berliner Weisse and other wild beers. Click here for more information.

june 2019

Beer and Dinner

Beer and food – think beyond just hearty and filling. The combination of beer and meals can be sophisticated and refined. Berliner Weisses and other wild beers pair perfectly with a wide range of food choices. Click here to see our culinary offerings.


Hobby brewing competition

In cooperation with mashpit we offer hobby brewers the chance to showcase their skills in the “SourSlosh” brewing competition. Learn more here.

Premium tickets
beer geeks & early birds