Berliner Berg and Restaurant Barra

Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

On the occasion of the Berliner Weisse Summit, our friends from Berliner Berg will organise a food pairing with the restaurant Barra in Neukölln.

This is how Barra describes ist concept:

Barra is a neighbourhood restaurant serving small sharing plates.
The daily changing menu is dictated by the seasons and depends on the highest quality produce available to us.
Low intervention wines, craft beers, ciders, and seasonal soft drinks make up the drinks menu.

Here a few quotes from restaurant reviews:


“You taste at first bite that only top-quality ingredients are used here. For example our main dishes: codfish, leek and tartar sauce, neck of pork, lacinato kale and quince. The meat is so succulent and tender that the knife cuts through it with extreme ease. Barra purchases the fish e.g. from Küstlichkeiten, a well-known fish shop in Markthalle Neun, the meats from Kumpel & Keule.”


“Barra calls itself a neighbourhood restaurant. A good neighbour shares their food, e.g. if you ran out of milk. It is therefore no surprise that the new restaurant in Schillerkiez specialises in tapas. In addition to the gourmet snacks like Gillardeau oysters, rosemary focaccia, fancy cheeseballs called Comte Choux buns or prosciutto crudo, the main dishes are also meant to be shared. Mainly top-quality and regional as well as seasonal foods are served.”


And suddenly we have plates before us which need no explanation. Chicory, pear and Young Buck, a blue cheese from Northern Ireland. Or celery, quince and smoked eel from the fishery on Stechlinsee. These two meals are a perfect example of the food served by Barra. A cuisine style which is soft-spoken and easy. Yet so self-assured in its taste as if the deliberate confusion, the tricks in preparation and all the fermentation, roasting or cooking methods of a new or rather Nordic cuisine style, which are in need of explanation or at least communication, were only the necessary prelude to a taste which now found its focus.

On Sunday, 2 June, the cuisine of Barra will be accompanied by the Berliner Weisse of Berliner Berg, brewed by Cristal Peck.

Booking information:

BWG Dinner@Barra
Sunday, 2 June, 18:30-22:00

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