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Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

We already described the Lemke brewery on our homepage. This is why we give rather a beer description than a brewery description here. In short: the philosophy of the Lemke brewery is set by its founder and owner after whom it is named. It takes a long time until Lemke has a beer ready for sale: the brewers rack their brains, improve their results and adjust all of their parameters: malts, hops, yeast, fermentation, until the final results optimally meets the original beer idea. A few words on the Berliner Weisses produced by Lemke brewery:


Brewery’s own description

Budike Weisse:

A Berliner Weisse made by a traditional recipe; fermented with lactic acid bacteria and Brettanomyces yeasts. It smells of French cider and apple juice; the first taste impression reminds of ground Boskoop apples. The second gulp reveals additional tastes of orange and citrus notes, melon, cucumber, dill and mustard seed. Initially sweet, then slightly sourish – the beer finishes on harmonious and round notes – a truly wonderfully complex taste to be experienced.


I just drank a 3% beer and adored it. This is a first! Berliner Weiss at its absolute best. Boozy lemonade with salt and apricot. Utterly refreshing masterpiece. Finally a lactic/ bacterial beer that I love. And it did the job of cleansing the Imperial IPA/ Stout.

Fresh 33 cl bottles into Pokal at Charlottenburger Schloss source NOV2018. – – Short (will keep trying this at various stages & ages): excellent balance between lacto-sour and satisfyingly subtle earthy house-cultivated brett notes create a wealth of natural tart (apple, pickles), zesty (house lemonade), spicey (white pepper, yes: dill, mustard seed) aromas that keep you delving in to explore the depths of this gem. Sharper than fresh, slow-attack Scneeeule Marlene with a relaxed sweet-sour balance and low lacto-attack. – I’d consider this a new Musterbeispiel in layered subtlety for internaional lactobomb cover:…

Himbeer Weisse European Beer Star Silbe

Brewery’s own description

Himbeer Weisse / Kirsch Weisse:

The traditional Berliner “Budike” Weisse is matured with real raspberries and/or cherries. This not only ensures a strong colour, but also full fruit flavours: The Himbeer Weisse is crisply fruity and refreshing; the Kirsch Weisse is slightly softer, offering very gentle fruity sweetness. Both beers are well balanced, complex and simply funky – definitely without syrup added.

2018 European Beer Star Silver award winner in the “TRADITIONAL BELGIAN-STYLE LAMBIC, GEUZE, AND FRUIT GEUZE” category.


Bottle at Lemke. Hazy reddish with a small head. Fresh with sour raspberries and some light notes of bread. Really refreshing and nicely drinkable. Much better than expected.

Full-bodied, very tart taste of raspberry at the first sip. Natural, slight wood taste; the sourness remains and is intensive. Long and fruity finish. Yummy!


Brewery’s own description

Waldmeister Weisse:

Here, herbs come in: The traditional “Budike” Weisse was aged on woodruff herbs. The herbal and funky aromas of woodruff give a surprising new level of taste to the Weisse, the ideal match to its mild acidity. Our Waldmeister Weisse can definitely do without syrup.


pours a hazy pale amber with a medium head. aroma of funk, caramel, tobacco, lactic notes. flavour of caramel, sweetish malts, lactic sourness, quite tart, sour burn in the finish. not sure if I get the woodruff, maybe it adds some sweetness and woodiness.

Different Weisse

Brewery’s own description

Berliner Eiche:

For our “Berliner Eiche” we had our traditional Berlin “Budike” Weisse mature in oak wood. This beer combines the slightly spicy aromas of wood, remining of vanilla, with the stimulating freshness of the Budike. A complex, well-rounded and harmonious beer.


Fruity sour nose. The beer starts dry fruity. Lots of fresh wood and fruitiness. Easy to drink with a nice smooth sourish woody aftertaste. Very light in total, refreshing with a nice woody herbal back.

… pours a cloudy pale golden with a huge but quickly disappearing head. aroma of herbs, wood, hay. flavour of herbs, vanilla, oak, brut champagne. very tart and dry.

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