Some beers from Nevel
Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

Nature: the most important ingredient

Nevel is a small creative craft brewery in Nijmegen. With great passion for old beer styles and traditional brewing techniques they brew beers with wild yeasts and a variety of ingredients. Mattias Terpstra, Robert Muijzert, the brewers, and the other team members Vincent Gerritsen, Joyce Janssen, Robert Muijzert and Kim Lentjes are inspired by the nature in the region Rijk van Nijmegen: blackberries growing nest to the bike path, cherries from an old orchard in Lent, blossoms from the brewery site and herbs from a neighbouring garden in the woods. The beautiful and varied nature of Nijmegen ist he most important ingredient of our beer.

As the only brewery in the Netherlands, Nevel is deeply committed to beers brewed with mixed and wild yeasts. These yeasts are harvested in the vicinity of the brewery, which gives the beer an even stronger local character. The wild yeasts make the beers refreshing, dry and at the same time complex. Nevel brews young and slightly hopped beers. These are accessible and easily drinkable and go perfectly with a good meal. Furthermore, the brewery’s range comprises small lots of exclusive beers matured in casks for a rather long time.


About half of the brewery’s beers is stored in their 150 oak wine casks. Maturing in a wooden cask brings about a special combination of beer and wild yeasts which gives the beer a more complex depth.

For the brewery, the focus on nature is just as important as the active cooperation with sustainable local companies and growers. Organic and untreated ingredients are used almost exclusively to capture their pure taste in the beer. The team also regularly gathers fruit and herbs so that they can at all times use fresh seasonal ingredients in their beers. The brewery does not have established recipes, but the resulting beers vary depending on the seasons and ingredients.

The exclusive beers matured in wooden casks are normally brewed just once.

The beers are neither filtered nor pasteurised so that they continue to develop in the bottle thanks to the active yeasts. The beers change their taste over time, just as good wine does. So you can re-discover Nevel beers again and again.

Ratebeer descriptions of Nevel beers

Frontaal Waan style: sour/wild beer

Flink Gegist Festival Delft. Blonde. Moderately sour, vinous flavor. Well rounded and matured. Lots of complexity, vanilla, fruity notes. Gooseberries, Apple. Delicious.

Bottle from Etre. Clear golden with brief white head. Tart citrus with green apple skin, some grains, peach and straw. Fairly simple and straightforward but very tasty.

Nevel Meander style: sour/wild beer

Thanks! Clear (!!) golden with white head. Red rhubarb, all kinds of berries, cape gooseberries, yellow raspberries, yellow peach, mango, light parsley, green rhubarb, nectar-ey floralness. Soft sweet fruity, light touch of herbal bitter, nice tartness. Medium body and soft carbonation. Feels very high and light and berryjuicy. Lovely unique stuff.

Totally clear golden with small almost white head. Rhubarb up front, soft other red sour fruits, light funk, lactic, subtle artisanal fruit yoghurts or smoothies, lemon, fresh green leaves and grass. Medium sour, subtle light sweet and bitter. Medium bodied with soft mineral and oily feel, low carbonation. Very subtle and refined, great beer!

Katjelam Gekwetst style: Berliner Weisse

Magnificent straw yellow colour, fine head. Nose very elegant, slightly sour, mirabelle plums, lemons, yeast notes, almost like a lambic. Flavour equally well accomplished, freshness, fruity flavour, long and very refreshing finish. A perfectly balanced treat. Excellent.

Pale blonde. Apple sourness, lemon and plums in the aroma. Dry sour flavor with sour apples plums and lemon. Sour lemony finish. Medium bodied, great example of the type.

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