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Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

Insel-Brauerei from the island of Rügen is a welcome guest at our Festival. Markus Berberich, the founder of Insel-Brauerei, is committed to traditional beer styles and special brewing methods. The beers are neither filtered nor pasteurised, top fermented and brewed in open fermentation. Special focus is on the yeasts, and a wide range of different yeasts is used.

The beers undergo three fermentation stages: Main fermentation in open vessels, secondary fermentation in tanks for initial enrichment in CO2 and third fermentation in the bottle with a second yeast added for the perfect taste, foam stability, and very fine carbonation. Only hop cones are added, and a wide range of malts is used in brewing.


The beers are fermented in shallow and open fermentation vats. This allows the top-fermenting yeasts to unfold their complex aroma and flavour potential, completely without hydrostatic pressure.

After the subsequent maturing stage in a tank, the beers are bottle conditioned with a dosage of dextrose in a special temperature-controlled maturing chamber. They are stored at a temperature of 25 °C for a minimum of 10 days from bottling to give them a unique flavour depth. Bottle conditioning ensures that there is no more oxygen left in the bottle. In combination with the natural paper used as a protection from light, this guarantees the special and long-lasting freshness of the beers.

Sour Ale

Insel-Brauerei will present the following beers at the Festival:


Brewers’ description:
Ingredients: Brewing water, barley malt, wheat malt, dextrose, natural hops, yeast (the sugar is completely fermented during bottle conditioning – the traditional method)

Brewed with two lactic acid cultures and two varieties of yeast, the taste yields the surprising fruity acidity and bitterness of a ripe pink grapefruit. Very dry, refreshing, and with light mineral notes like a stiff Baltic sea breeze – a quintessential sour ale.

2017 World Beer Gold


Hazy-yellow colour with excellent fine-pored head
– aromas of mild acidity, sourdough, green apples, pear and gooseberry
– perfect carbonisation
– the first impression on the palate lives up to what the aromas suggest
– it is clear that the slightly sour taste is in the foreground, yet it does not overpower the other flavours
– the slight fruit aromas/flavours can still be clearly perceived
– a subtle malty basis and a minimal honey touch in the background go along perfectly with the overall taste impression right until the finish
– in combination with the perfect carbonisation, the beer gives a soft and harmonious mouthfeel
To sum it up: the best sour beer on the market at present


Brewers’ description:

Ingredients: Brewing water, barley malt, wheat malt, dextrose, natural hops, yeast (the sugar is completely fermented during bottle conditioning – the traditional method).

We brewed this rare beer using two strains of lactic acid bacteria and a Bière Brut yeast to produce a drink with surprisingly elegant fruit acid – refreshing, fruity and effervescent like a very dry cider.

Sour Ale rare


Yellow opaquish in colour. The beer is bottle conditioned. Effervescent and sour at the palate, with just a hint of citrus and green apples. The ideal beer for an aperitif, to accompany light snacks. Goes perfectly with: tomato salad, vitello tonnato, slightly smoked or even marinated raw fish.

– pale yellow and hazy in colour, with excellent and long-lasting head

– pronounced sourish aromas of citrus and green apples


– pleasant carbonisation, slightly sparkling

– the first impression on the palate brings out this very citrus flavour

– the middle part of the taste impression is pleasantly mild for a sour beer, not overwhelming the taste buds

– on the back of the palate, the beer always retains a slight residual sweetness attenuating the sourness

– the finish again combines all the flavours into a well-balanced complexity

To sum it up: a great sour beer which never overwhelms the taste buds with too much acidity

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