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Barut Kamnik Slovenian Alps
Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

Berliner-Weiße-Kultur e.V.

The country of Barut

Brewery Barut from Kamnik in Slovenia is a true discovery. The full name of the brewery is Barut Brewing und Blending.

Since last year, Barut Brewing and Blending has been operating in an abandoned gunpowder factory on the territory of the former military training ground on the northern outskirts of the city of Kamnik. The main feature of the brewery is that it prepares yeast itself to be used for the preparation of its own, mainly acid beers. Hops with mild bitterness is also used for brewing beer by mixed fermentation.

Kamnik, a town of a little less than 30,000 inhabitants at the foot of the Slovenian Alps, counts five micro-breweries – related to the population this seems to be a new record. Allegedly this is due to the good water rich in minerals. I am not familiar with the water in Kamnik, but water is the main ingredient in beer, and its importance is usually neglected or undervalued.

Barut Brwing and Blending three friends

Barut are three friends, Aleš, Luka and Miha,

from a biotech yeast lab. Their desire to explore without constraints drove them late in 2017 to escape the academia and settle in an abandoned gunpowder factory in Kamnik, Slovenia (the name “Barut” is a south Slavic word for gunpowder).

Over the years they collected and tested many different microbes and the time is finally ripe to show some of the potential mixed fermentations can bring in a bustling brewery scene.

Barut Brewing barrel

came to know their beers through a recommendation by my friend Stefan. I was thrilled with their perfectly balanced beers. I invited them to the Festival and am really happy that they accepted it.

The beers presented at the Festival:

Summer Snow – Brett Berliner; 3.2% alc.

A Berliner Weisse made in mixed fermentation with selected strains of lactic acid bacteria and Brettanomyces yeast.

Destruction of Mankind – Sour ale with fruit, 6.5% alc.

Blended golden sour ale aged in wooden barrels and refermented on red fruits.

Barut’s own description of Summer Snow

A Brett Berliner Weisse “This is our interpretation of the traditional German sour beer Berliner Weisse. Low on alcohol, medium sharp lactic sourness and soft wheat character. Soured with lactic acid bacteria and fermented with 100% Brettanomyces yeast to create a rich bouquet of fruity and funked-up aromatics. The end result is a thirst-quenching sour beer. Beer is excellent by itself, but can be mixed with syrup of choice, as traditionally done in Berlin.”


A delicious Berliner Weisse, light golden colour, fine head. Aroma explosion of fruity notes, citrus and exotic fruit against a lactic backdrop. The flavour is fresh, fruity and elegant, lively and effervescent, extremely refreshing finish. A real treat in hot weather.

Aroma is musty, vinous, funky and grainy. Pours clear pale golden color with thin creamy white head and soft visible carbonation. Taste starts light sweet grainy and citrusy, following is funky, lactic and vinous with strong brett note, mouthfeel is smooth, while finish is mild bitter. Light body, slick texture and soft carbonation in palate. Bombshell.

Barut Berliner Weisse Slowenien
Barut Bootles on stairs

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