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Branta Brewery

The name of the Branta brewery is the Latin name of the wildfowl family of black geese. Located way up north in Germany on a terp in Niebüll opposite the island of Sylt, Branta is most probably the northernmost brewery in Germany, even if Wikipedia lists Hansens Brauerei in Flensburg as the northernmost.

But the really special thing with Branta is not its location, but the fact that brewer Carsten Jesper uses mainly wild yeasts, in-house yeasts from the immediate surroundings as well as regional resources. This gives his beers their individual character and extraordinary aroma and flavour. All beers are bottle conditioned and are aged for at least three months. The beers are neither filtered nor pasteurised. The secondary fermentation carbonises the beers, the wild beers are subject to continuous change in aroma and flavour or, as they say, the beer is “alive”.

The wild yeasts Carsten Jesper of Branta uses – mostly a mixture of purchased Brettanomyces cultures and “home-captured wild yeasts” – bring out a very special flavour profile. As a result, it is not the earthy, tangy aromas or the famous barn smell, but fruity components in combination with slight acidity are typical of Carsten’s beers. Beside hops, he also uses fruit, spices and herbs for flavouring his brews.

Saure Weisse

Sour, top-fermented beer brewed with wheat. Made with our brewery-specific yeast and Brettanomyces in secondary fermentation. Fermented not only with yeasts, but also with lactic acid bacteria which give the beer its sour taste. Unfiltered, hazy. Available in bottles. 4.0% alc.


Cloudy, yellow-ish, pale golden colour with average, filigree, frothy, diminishing, white head. Tangy, herbal and kind of “sweetish”, floral-fruity aroma, notes of mustard, sweet mustard, mustard seed, dill, gherkin, pickles, brine, hints of mirabelle and apricot, mandarine, the “sweetness” reminds of powdered sugar. Taste is mildly tart, fruity, subtle sweetness brings again the powdered sugar impression, notes of lemon, lemon juice, hints of white grapes, only cautious spicy hints of brine. Really nice.

saison –  country ale

Our interpretation of a country ale. Hoppy, tangy. Unfiltered, hazy.


Bottle shared with Koelschtrinker. A hazy yellow beer with a white head. Aroma of citrusy hops, wheat malt, banana, yeast. Taste of yeasty yellow fruits, banana, herbs, nice!

Craft brewing at its finest – get one of our discounted presale tickets.

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