Brewery Kemker

Bauer Kemker bei der Ernte

In the next few weeks we ill present you the breweries participating in the Berliner Weisse Summit and the beers they bring with them for us to enjoy.

Let’s start with the Kemker brewery and brewer Jan Kemker. Our paths crossed on a camping site in Amsterdam, and out conversation on the way to the sanitary facilities resulted in his participation in the 2018 Berliner Weisse Summit. In October I attended the festival on the occasion of the opening of his craft brewery Uopen Smaak on a farm near Alverskirchen. Jan interprets historic beer styles, uses regional resources a part of which he grows himself, and ferments the beers with his very own yeast cultures, a mixture of Saccharomyces, Brettanomyces and lactic acid bacteria. He creates beers defying any industrial interpretation, showing the hand of brewer and farmer Jan Kemker instead. Jan allows his beers time to mature, and in most cases the beers take longer to mature than the best-before date of conventional IPAs is.



What others write:


Hazy, whitish. Aroma of pear & peach. Slightly sour, hardly any bitterness. Interesting flavours.

Mild and fruity at the first sip, only slight acidity. Natural, minimal tartness. The acidity slightly increases, mellow, aroma of blonde wood. Tangy, peachy notes, slight brett flavour. Drinks well, medium-long finish. Good.

Dubbel Porse

Hazy, yellow-ish, pale golden colour with average, frothy, half-way lasting, minimally lacing, white head. Herbal, funky and lactic aroma, notes of rosemary, thyme, juniper and other herbs, a touch of apricot and mirabelle, citrusy hints of lemon and orange peel, mandarine, lemon yoghurt, some brett, late caraway overtones. Taste is dry, tart, herbal, funky, lactic and citric, bretty, notes of rosemary and thyme, juniper, a touch of apricot and mirabelle, zesty notes of lemon, orange, mandarine, hints of lemon yoghurt. Fresher examples displayed a more intense herbal profile with yellow stone fruit addendum, cellared bottles showed developments in an overall tart and zesty citrusy direction slightly disguising the herbal profile and almost completely outshining the yellow stone fruit. A great beer at all stages.

Bottle. Blonde. Oats, citrus and bretty notes in the aroma. Sour flavor, citric, bretty, cereals. Dry and very well balanced. Great beer.

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